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My Ranking System

The Following Ranking System Is How I Rank My DVD Collection:

TV Broadcast Games:

10.0: Games with crisp audio and video, usually digitally recorded games and great VHS to DVD converted games

8.0-9.5: Games with either lower audio or minor video problems

7.0-7.5: Games with more significant audio / video problems

Games 6.5 and lower: These games have major audio and video faults and I'm usually looking to trade for a better version


7.5 and above: Game films that look almost like an actual
7.0: Game films that have color and sound, as well as close camera shots
6.5: Game films that have color and sound, but are shot from a distance
6.0: Game films that have color but no sound
5.0: Game films that have no color and no sound

*Games are ranked by decade quality. A 10.0 in 1987 is not the same quality 
 as a 10.0 in 2005, but the 10.0 in 1987 is the highest quality for all the games I
 have in the 1980's and a 10.0 in 2005 is the highest quality for all the games I
 have in the 2000's, etc.
*All games from 2003 to present day were digitally recorded, all the other games were
 traded for from other people's collections.
*All games are in DVD format


Last Updated: August 2nd, 2009 9:12 PM

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